Flourish Kirribilli

Body Positive Health Care

Welcome to Flourish Kirribilli

We are a group of health professionals who value body diversity and body respect.

Our experienced practitioners offer a broad range of health services including general clinical psychology and dietetics, as well as help for eating disorders, chronic dieting, body image issues, trauma, and dealing with weight stigma.

Our signature Flourish Float offers clients a unique dry floatation meditation experience specifically designed to soothe the nervous system and promote a state of deep relaxation.

Flourish Kirribilli strives to provide health care services so that people of all shapes and sizes feel seen, respected and cared for.

Flourish Kirribilli has been specifically designed to create a weight-inclusive sense of safety and sanctuary. Centrally located, our tranquil space is quiet, private, and deeply soothing. Each consultation room has been luxuriously furnished, with a myriad of special touches. Flourish Kirribilli feels like a lovely greenhouse, full of plants, flowers, and body positive art.

This is a very special place, and we can’t wait to welcome you.

What Is Body Positive Health Care?

We live in “diet culture”, in which thin bodies are seen as more valuable and ‘healthier’ than larger bodies.

This widespread cultural bias against larger people has a direct negative impact on our physical and psychological health.

Chronic stress, physical inflammation, disordered eating, eating disorders, and shame are just some of the consequences of living in diet culture and feeling excluded or ‘not good enough’ based on body size.

Body positive health care respects and includes ALL body sizes.

In a nutshell, body positive health care is health care without the constant ‘side salad’ of body shame.

Body Shame-Free Zone

At Flourish Kirribilli, you can take a break from the constant stress of diet culture.

Here you can enjoy our comfortable, body-inclusive seating, our inspiring body positive artworks, and relish in the absolute absence of diet culture ‘triggers’ (no dreadful ‘women’s magazines’).

At Flourish Kirribilli, everything we do reflects our foundational ethos of body inclusivity and respect.

Float Therapy at Flourish Kirribilli

Our very special Flourish Therapy Float has been specifically designed to soothe and relax.

This amazing dry float bed allows you to experience all of the benefits of a floatation tank, without getting wet. Experience the bliss of floating in zero gravity, whilst listening to a self-compassion meditation.

You can also choose to pair your Float experience with a Sensate meditation. The Sensate emits infrasonic waves which are synchronized with specially composed music. This incredible experience targets the vagus nerve, neutralising the fight-flight-freeze response and instilling a deep sense of physical calm. The Sensate is particularly effective for people who experience difficulty with traditional meditation techniques.

The Flourish float is a beautiful way to finish your consultation, taking a pause before you return to the hustle and bustle of life.

The Flourish Kirribilli Flourish Float Bed in a room with blue walls. The float bed has a floral covering and velvety blanket