Meet The Flourish Kirribilli Team

Headshot of Louise Adams from Flourish Kirribilli. She is wearing a pink patterned shirt and has a pink background behind her.

Louise Adams, Clinical Psychologist

Louise (she/her) is the founder of Flourish Kirribilli, and the online anti-diet resource the UNTRAPPED Academy. She is a clinical psychologist with more than 20 years experience in the field. She has written two books, Mindful Moments and The Non-Diet Approach Handbook for Psychologist and Counsellors (with Dr Fiona Willer, AAPD). 

Louise has a special interest in problematic eating, body image, and weight struggles. She uses an evidence-based anti-dieting approach to empower people to achieve permanent lifestyle change. Louise is wholly committed to weight inclusive health care, and to spreading the word about shifting our attitudes about weight and health. Louise is determined to make a difference in changing society’s perceptions about health, diets, weight loss, and bodies. Louise believes that people can approach health and happiness without attaching it to weight change. Louise is pro-body diversity and against fat prejudice.

Book An Appointment To See Louise Adams

Louise is available for face to face sessions at Flourish Kirribilli on Wednesdays.

She also sees clients via Telehealth on Thursdays and Fridays. Louise’s fee is $255 for an individual session.

Louise only sees people over the age of 16, and she does not do family or couples counselling.

Medicare rebates apply if you have a mental health care plan from your GP – $129.55 rebate per session for up to 20 sessions per calendar year for a general mental health care plan, and up to 40 sessions per calendar year for an eating disorders care plan.

If you would like to make an appointment to see Louise, you can call (02) 9000 1212, email her admin team, or make an appointment directly through her online booking system below.

Headshot of Dr Portia Predny, holistic and affirming GP at Flourish Kirribilli. She is wearing a white blouse and has red shoulder length hair and is wearing bright red lipstick.

Dr Portia Predny

Dr Portia Predny (she/her) is a GP with more than 10 years experience looking after patients in Sydney and its surrounds.
She is a firm proponent of creating safe spaces in healthcare, where diversity is able to flourish.

Dr Portia practices Weight-Neutral health care, in a Health At Every Size framework, and strongly believes that working towards and maintaining good health is something that all people should have access to, regardless of shape, size, background, or identity.

She has a strong interest in Gender Affirming health care, and provides holistic care for trans and gender diverse individuals, including prescribing hormone therapies under the Informed Consent model of care.

Outside of work, Dr Portia is a mum (to both human and fur babies!) who loves spending time going on adventures with her family, and enjoying activities such as hiking, rock climbing, dancing, and dabbling in various creative pursuits!


Headshot of Ellen Masson Accredited Exercise Physiologist at Flourish Kirribilli

Ellen Masson, Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Meet Ellen Masson (they/them): an accredited exercise physiologist (AEP), personal trainer, and strength and conditioning coach, with over 8 years of experience within the fitness industry. Ellen is the owner of “Your Movement Space,” a small private studio space located inside Flourish Kiribilli, Sydney. A space dedicated to helping people rebuild their relationship with movement.

Ellen provides a personalised, one-on-one approach to your movement goals that is size-inclusive, fat-positive, neuro-affirming, and gender-affirming. Ellen also specialises in guiding individuals through the complexities of movement during eating disorder recovery.

Ellen is currently available for Telehealth and Face to Face appointments in Kiribilli on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. Explore more about Ellen’s approach on their website, or connect on Instagram For inquiries or to schedule an appointment, reach out via email at or simply book directly through their online booking system below.

Kate McGill, APD, CEDC, CIEC

Kate (she/her) is an Accredited Practising Dietitian, Health Coach and director of Firefly Nutrition with a special interest in eating disorders, disordered eating & body image concerns. Kate also works with clients needing nutritional intervention for hypertension, pre diabetes, diabetes and other long term health concerns.

Kate believes all bodies are deserving of high quality, effective health care free from weight shame and stigma. Using an evidence informed non-diet approach, drawing on Health at Every Size and Intuitive Eating Principles, Kate will support you to repair your relationship with food and your body.

As well as her private practice work, Kate is part of the prevention team at The Butterfly Foundation, presenting to student groups, parent groups and professionals on all things disordered eating and body image concerns.

Her person-centred, compassionate, and empowering approach to care will support you in achieving your health and wellness goals.

Appointments can be made in person (Wednesdays only) or via telehealth. Book your appointment below, with the option of a free mini session so we can see if we’re a good match, or email directly for any enquiries.