Body Positive Merch

Anti-Diet Spray

Has diet culture got you in a fit of rage?

Is the injustice of the beauty ideal getting up your nose?

Are you ready to hurl if you hear one more weight-loss tip?

Let’s face it – living in diet culture STINKS!

Fear not, our glorious anti-diet spray banishes the loathsome stench of fatphobia. With one spritz, you can replace the toxic fumes of weight loss worship with this empowering mist, infused with white sage, lemon, and lavender.

Presented in a lovely amber glass bottle (100 mls) inside a black presentation box.

The perfect gift!

$25 AUD

Flourish Kirribilli Anti-Diet Spray bottle next to black packaging box

Venus Of Willendorf Grounding Spray

Invoke the grounding power of body liberation with this incredible scent!

The Venus of Willendorf is an ancient symbol of the mother goddess, her generous proportions reflecting the soft abundance of womanhood.

With a gentle spritz, your senses are calmed with this incredible scent including fresh fig and crisp clean lavender, softened by creamy tonka bean. This lovely, soothing bespoke fragrance was created (in candle form) specifically for the UNTRAPPED body positive retreat by GWM for Flourish Kirribilli.

Use whenever you need to ground, centre, and connect with the immense and ancient power of body liberation.

Presented in a lovely amber glass bottle (100 mls).

$25 AUD

Venus Of Willendorf Candle

Invoking a deep sense of luxurious serenity, inhaling this glorious scent will transport your senses.

Fresh fig and crisp clean lavender are softened by creamy tonka bean for an incredibly soothing yet bold bespoke fragrance, which was created specifically for by GWM for the UNTRAPPED body positive retreat.

Who knew that body liberation could smell THIS GOOD!

Candle size is a generous 250g, and will burn for 45 plus hours.

Beautifully presented in an amber glass jar with wooden lid, and nestled in our black presentation box.

$45 AUD

Flourish Kirribilli Venus of Willendorf Candle next to black packaging box